Flower Care

How to Care for Your Flowers

Few things feel as good as receiving fresh flowers, especially if they come from somebody you care about. Of course, it makes sense that you would want to hold on to these luscious blooms for as long as possible. These flowers offer sentimental reminders of the relationship you have with somebody close. These tips will ensure that you get to keep your blossoms for as long as you possibly can.


Many of these household remedies will help your cut flowers stay in excellent shape:


Mix Soda Water with Water

Soda water is a handy ingredient to have around the house when you receive fresh flowers. Mix up to one-quarter of a cup of soda water with you vase of fresh water to see an increase in longevity.


Mix Aspirin with Water

One of the  most common tricks to keeping those blooms perky is to mix a tablet of aspirin in the water, increasing its acidity. This tip is easy to use. Simply crush a couple tablets of aspirin (make sure it’s real aspirin) and add to the flower water. Make sure to change out the water and aspirin every couple days for best results.


Mix Apple Cider Vinegar and Sugar with Water

This technique uses two common kitchen ingredients. Combine just two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with equal parts sugar and add to the vase of water. Make sure to change the water and mixture every couple of days. You will love the way this solution maintains the color of your beautiful petals.


Add Vodka to the Vase

Could vodka be the key to minimizing bacteria growth in your vase? It very well could be, and it also adds nourishment to the flowers. Make sure to use just a few drops of the drink alongside a teaspoon of sugar. You should also change out the concoction every two days. You can achieve the same effect without the alcohol if you add a couple drops of bleach instead of vodka.


Spritz with Hairspray

This method works to keep your blooms firm rather than wilted. Simply apply a spritz of your favorite hairspray to the bottom of the leaves and petals for a quick boost.


Drop a Coin in the Vase

Coins made out of copper can prevent algae from growing inside the vase of water thanks to its acidic content. Just drop a coin into the water.


Sweeten the Water

Photosynthesis that occurs in plants is all about sugar, and this is why simply adding a teaspoon of sugar to fresh water each day can plump up your flowers.


Flower Food Is Power

The best way to give your flowers the love they deserve once they are in a vase is to use a type of flower food, which is sort of like a flower preservative. Often, these packets of flower food come with a bouquet of flowers. The food will provide nourishment for your flowers, keeping the water acidic. If you don’t have access to flower food, the above treatments are excellent choices.


Other Ways to Preserve Your Blooms

Of course, it is also possible that you do not want to mix chemicals to preserve the beautiful look of your petals. These tips will help you maintain that bright, lasting look for as long as possible.


Making the Cut

When you cut the stems of your flowers, make sure to use sharp scissors and complete the cut in one swoop. You do not want to crush the flower stem, as this may prevent the bloom from picking up water. It is also important that you make this cut at an angle. When you see stems go limp, recut them.


In addition to removing the bottom of the stem, make sure that you also get rid of foliage (like leaves) that sit below water level. When leaves sit in water, they may promote growth of bacteria that will help to wilt your flowers.


In choosing placement for your flowers, ensure that you keep them away from fruits. Fruits tend to contain ethylene, which can age your flowers as they ripen. You should also keep flowers in a cool spot, away from direct sun or an air conditioner that could age the petals.


Finally, make sure to submerge the flowers in water as soon as possible after you make the cut. This increases the water’s absorption rate. Typically, warm water is best.