Valentine's Day Flowers 2020

Posted on January 10 2020

What flowers are popular for Valentine's Day?

It’s customary for people to exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day which falls on the 14th of February – also known as St. Valentine’s Day. Keep reading if you’re looking for cute Valentine's Day date ideas to gift your loved one on this special day.

Red is a passionate color that symbolizes intense emotion, stimulating seduction, extreme hot affection, and, of course, love.

Red roses are the most popular Valentine's Day gifts although people still send out greeting cards. Other gift ideas include boxes of chocolate, bottles of wine, teddy bears, etc. However, it’s not mandatory to get all these as red roses alone can convey the special message of love to your valentine.

How did flowers become so popular as a Valentine’s Day gift?

Since way back in Victorian times, roses have been used as a symbol of love. The most common colors are red and pink roses. The red roses have over the years, continued to be the go-to choice for romantics and its popularity hasn’t dulled a bit. As a matter of fact, today roses are in such high demand that it has become hard to get your hands on them especially on February 14th.

Here are some of our irresistible flower combinations that we suggest you get for your loved ones:

  1. Seasonal Flowers in Round Flower Box for Valentine's Day

These flowers are spirited, rich, and colorful making them perfect for all joyful occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day celebrations, and anniversaries.

  1. Classic Peace Pink Roses with Vase for Valentine's Day

These flowers in pink and white are a great way of appreciating the people in your life that you love and care for. You may also have them in your home or office to act as centerpieces and add a classic feel.

  1. Love Blossoms for Valentine's Day

This bouquet has luscious red roses resting on seasonal foliage. The stems are 12, 24, or 36. They are perfect your loved one’s birthday, a date, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day too. Be sure that the love blossoms will speak your feelings loudly and proudly.

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There is nothing as tender as giving someone you love roses on Valentine’s Day.

Popular flowers for Valentine’s Day

Although the rose is the traditional Valentine’s Day flower, other flowers that are also quite popular. These include lilies, tulips, carnations, freesias, iris, and tuberoses. The flowers that you decide to get your valentine for your first Valentine's Day ideas depend majorly on their preference as well as yours.

Today we are going to focus on red and pink roses:

Red roses

Red roses are the most ordered type of flowers for Valentine’s Day and so they make up the largest percentage of Valentine’s Day flower sales. They can be arranged as plain red rose bouquets, mixed rose varieties, or single long stem roses.

Pink roses

It’s okay to send out flowers on Valentine’s Day that are a simple representation of shared love in a non-romantic sense.

Pink roses are also popular Valentine’s Day flowers and they can either be in hot pink or pale pink. The pink flowers are purchased for women by men and they are also sent a lot to daughters by their mothers.

These are great Valentine’s Day theme flowers for mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, etc.

How to care for Valentine’s Day flowers

Looking to keep the flowers looking fresh for as long as possible? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Keep the flowers in water
  2. Keep them cool otherwise, their life will be shortened
  3. When they start to wilt, cut the stem and then re-submerge them in warm water

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