Valentine’s Day Flower Ideas

Posted on January 10 2018

There are only a few more weeks to go, you can almost smell the love in the air as Valentine’s Day is slowly but surely approaching. Giving flowers and chocolates are part of the Valentine’s Day tradition as it’s a way to show a person how much you value and care for them… and it’s true!

Flowers have meanings behind them and it’s important to choose flowers that mean how you feel for the person you’re giving them to.  This guide will show you which flowers are perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day and why.

Good Flower Choices for Valentine’s Day

  1. Roses – Roses are a favourite Valentine’s Day gift. They come in different colors and those colors can mean different things. For example, red roses help express the feeling of passion and love, white roses mean purity, and yellow roses represent friendship.
  2. Tulips – Tulips are also another crowd favourite. These flowers are very romantic and express true love. Tulips also vary in color and in meaning. Pink tulips represent caring, yellow tulips express how in love you are, and red tulips portray true love.
  3. Carnations – Carnations are certainly one of the best looking flowers. With their multi-layered petals, they symbolize gratitude and cheerfulness. Carnations are also known to express love which makes them one of the best flowers for Valentine’s Day.
  4. Sunflowers – Sunflowers are one of the happiest flowers out there. With their bright and yellow petals, anyone receiving them with fall in love at first sight. Sunflowers may not seem very romantic as opposed to roses but they can mean pure adoration, which is why this flower is a great option for Valentine’s Day.
  5. Orchids – Orchids are exotic flowers and symbolize beauty. Show someone how beautiful they are in your eyes by giving them a beautiful bouquet of orchids that can last long.

Our Favourite Flower Ideas

When you think about Valentine’s Day, flowers (along with chocolates) are what come to mind. Flowers hold significant meanings: love and passion. It’s quite common that flowers are go-to gifts on Valentine’s Day, and with the wide variety of flowers out there, choosing the best flower and flower arrangement can get a little confusing. So to help, we’ve listed down three of our most favourite flower arrangements that you can choose from.

We love the Rose Only Bouquet mainly because sometimes roses are all you need to express your emotions. We offer a splendid Roses Only Bouquet with 12, 24 or even 36, each one offering a gorgeous bloom in deep scarlet. These red roses are the epitome of warm love, passion and true affection. Spoil the one you love with a bundle of roses they can show off.

The Pink and Purple Roses Bouquet is a gorgeous combination! What’s more is that roses in these hues also offer tremendous meaning. Dark pink roses represent gratitude, and lighter tones emphasize gentle affection. Purple is not without significance. Purple symbolizes royalty, but it also expresses love at first sight. This makes our Pink & Purple Roses Bouquet a romantic gift to use to spoil somebody you love. All 24 blooms are full and beautiful, offering grace and elegance.

Lastly, we highly recommend the Roses in Round Flower Box. It’s true that “The more the merrier!” Having many fully-bloomed, mesmeric roses held together marvelously is a divine sight to behold. Magnificent is the word as the number of roses increase when complimented with our minimalistic-designed flower bucket.

Let’s face it, roses are the perfect flowers to give this Valentine’s Day. With these beautiful flower arrangement choices, you can certainly show how much you love the person you’re giving it to and “wow” them.

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