The long-lasting beauty of flowers - Dry Flower Bouquet Ideas

Posted on July 10 2018

The beauty of dried flower bouquets are gradually seeping in to all corners of celebrations and festivities over the past few years. You could see them carried by bridesmaids at weddings or simply used as an elegant decoration. Either way, there is no doubt that dried flower bouquets are one of the most admirable natural aesthetics.

Widely known for their lingering sweet fragrance, dried flower bouquets are becoming increasingly popular. You will also find them generally less expensive than purchasing fresh flowers for an occasion. But the biggest benefit of all is that these beauties can last for a very, very long time, and are sometimes referred to as forever flowers. This makes them ideal gifts to our loved ones. On top of that, no refrigeration or special storage is needed to preserve them, and they can naturally survive under all kinds of weather conditions, both hot and cold, humid or dry.

You can easily customise and craft your personalised dried flower bouquet, using various flowers and colour palettes to match a certain festival theme or the rest of the décor in the room. Check out our step by step guide on how to make one tailored to your preferences!


How to make a Dried Flower Bouquet

1. Choosing the flowers

The choice of flowers is very important. Sturdy flowers will be easier to manage and wont break as easily. Ideally, they should have long, straight stems that will be efficient for binding, and tightly enclosed petals, which would make the bouquet look prettier. The flowers should be almost in full bloom, but not mature as they can shed petals easily.

2. Drying the flowers

Cut away any greenery, foliage and leaves. Put your flowers into small bunches and bind them together using rubber bands to keep them secure. Hang your flowers upside down in a dark place as sunlight can cause the colour of the petals to fade. It is essential that the place is well ventilated, otherwise there may be a risk of mould growing on your flowers.

Another method to dry your flowers is to place them in a container of silica gel for up to a week. A much faster approach involves a microwave. Place your flowers in a microwavable bowl and cover it with some cat litter. After microwaving it on high for two to three minutes, wait for the cat litter to cool before removing the flowers. The flowers will be dry within minutes!

3. Arranging the flowers

After the flowers have dried sufficiently, remove the rubber bands and separate them from each other. You can spray the flowers with a bit of unscented hairspray or spray varnish to keep them intact. A special technique to arrange flowers is to place the bigger and prettier flowers in the middle, then proceed to place some smaller flowers around them. The idea is that the focal point of the bouquet will remain in the middle, and the surrounding flowers will be complementary.

4. Finishing touches

Tie the stems together using twine for a natural effect or with ribbons for decoration. You can add fragrance to your bouquet by putting a few drops of scented essential oil into the centre of the big flowers or by placing some dried herb, such as lavender, rosemary and sage, into it. Sweet-smelling fragrances like geranium and jasmine are also very popular in these bouquets.

Dried flower bouquets are a very welcoming asset and pleasing to the eye. Whether you choose to purchase them or to make them yourself, their everlasting, effortless beauty will be sure to blow you away.


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