The Best Flowers Bouquet under RM$300

Posted on December 05 2019

Flower Bouquets for every special occasion

Let's look at ourselves through flowers as a gift, as a beautiful thing. This is an area where we are passionate about. Which flower can transmit our deep emotions to the recipient?  Would you like to learn about the magical power of each flower?


Such a bouquet of roses will never be forgotten by the recipient. Red roses send a message of passion, intimacy, desire or probably it will be the beginning of real love. The white roses delivered to the recipient are a real picture of purity, serenity, tenderness, care, and softness.


Purity, chastity, and innocence are represented by Lilies. There are touching moments, the yellow lily can turn your friendship to another type of relationships, maybe a romance. White and lilac lilies reflect purity and a new life full of good feelings like marriage, motherhood, fatherhood, and graduation. Blue petal lily and orange lilies indicate unmatched fascination and glamour the human soul.


Tulips are a story of beauty, prosperity, independence and perfect love. Red tulip means true and eternal love. However, Purple tulip represents tranquility, peace, and royalty. White tulip creates a conversation and says forgiveness is the important thing. Yellow tulip signalizes the impossible love and the orange indicates vitality and vigor.


Rosemary explains the value of good health and happiness, celebrates the rebirth and immortality, believe in a good omen.


Hydrangeas are the symbol of gratitude of grace, beauty, and abundance, due to the lush amount of flowers and their generous round shape.

How to choose the ideal flower to present on various occasions?

Birthday, Marriage or Engagements

For engagements and Birthday, white flowers such as lilies will transmit your message of wishing a wonderful new life. Red roses, carnations, and orchids are recommended too. For the wedding, choose any kind of brightly colored flowers at the season.

Valentine's Day

Red and bright pink are the everlasting traditions of Valentine's Day. So, red tulip and pink lilies are very emotional and will add gorgeous decorations to life.

Newborn baby arrival

Rosemary and Hydrangeas are recommended as a perfect bouquet for celebrating newborns because they will express rebirth, good health, gratitude, and good omen.

New Home

Vivid, colorful flowers will send your message of wishing a quiet and happy life at the housewarming party.

Orchids, lilies, and roses will express good luck in a new life full of laughter and immeasurable welfare.

Opening the door to receive a card with a bouquet is an experience full of surprises fascinates the heart and mind.

5 Different Styles of Flower Bouquets

We are happy to be featured on Best Florist Reviews for one of the 12 Flower Delivery Services in Malaysia with Affordable Bouquets from RM 55! Get some ideas for flower bouquets that are under RM$300 now!

1- Surprise your lover and send LITTLE RED ROSES BOUQUET which contains 5 stems of red roses mixed with eucalyptus to show your emotions and interest on a special day like Valentine’s Day. RM79.00 MYR

2- Impress your loved ones by sending them a PINK LILIES & ROSES BOUQUET.  Lovely Pink Lilies and elegant Roses will say your true love and care right. RM249.00 MYR

3- The unique beauty of MINI TULIPS BOUQUET will reveal your love hiding inside your heart. 8-10 stems tulips are enough to express your interest. RM229.00 MYR

4- The woody stems MINI HYDRANGEA BOUQUET is the best romantic choice to send a deep message of gratefulness. RM99.00 MYR

5- The true love can be expressed by MARSH-ROSEMARY BOUQUET which is a great way to highlight the feeling of warmth and passion. It also represents hope for a bright future. RM99.00 MYR

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