Thank You Dad with Flowers this Father's Day

Posted on May 15 2020

Remember the man who told you stories before tucking you into bed with a kiss on the forehead? Or the man who taught you how to swim, how to cycle and tended to you when you fell? Or the one who taught you the ways of life and prepared you for this world?

If there were ever a superhero without a cape, it would for sure be our fathers. His strength and love for us is often overlooked, but as we grow older, we realise how much we have actually learned from him. And what better way to let him know how much of an influence he had had on our lives than to enjoy a wonderful day with him this Father’s Day 2020?

Here at Gift Flowers Malaysia, your number one online florist in Malaysia, we want to share with you our Father's Day gift ideas… lovely Father's Day flowers!


Why do people say Thank You to dad on Father's Day with flowers?

Some may ask… could we give flowers to men? Would dad like flowers? Are there such a thing as flowers for men? The answer to all those questions is: yes, of course! In fact, flowers are a very versatile gift; they aren’t just a symbol of romantic love. There are Thank You flowers, those that symbolise gratitude and appreciation for what he had done for you. If you’d like to say thank you for all he had done to nurture and raise you to become the person you are today, flowers are indeed the perfect gift.


How to say Thank You with flowers to your dad this Father's Day

Taking your dad out somewhere nice, be it a relaxing country park or the seaside or an exciting venue like theme parks or adventure islands, a lovely flower gift with a heart-warming, personal message attached can speak volumes.

However, finding the right flowers to say thank you is a must. You need to be aware of what flowers represent Thank You in general. You may also question what style of flowers would suit your dad most.

Thank You flowers: Red roses are a fantastic choice, unbeknownst to most. Usually it would convey romantic or even passionate love, but from a daughter to a father, it signifies respect, admiration and devotion. Another kind of flowers are the eustoma. As well as peace, joy and longevity, it also symbolises a deep admiration and gratitude you have towards your father, making it an ideal gift for Father’s Day.

Style of flower gifts: Dads have different personalities and preferences. Here’s a little guide to finding the best style of gift for your dad.


The best style of flower gift to give your dad

For a sweet and affectionate dad, a beautiful bouquet would make a wonderful Father’s Day gift. We love this LITTLE RED ROSES BOUQUET (Price: RM79.00 MYR). It is small, simple and sweet!

If you have a trendy dad who always knows what’s up and has an appreciation for aesthetics, he will certainly take a liking to this ROSES IN ROUND FLOWER BOX - LARGE (Price: RM199.00 MYR). You can personalise this gift by choosing the rose colour he likes most and pairing it with a box colour that complements it well.

Practical dads are often found in the tool shed with their gadgets, fixing equipment or hands deep in some DIY project. Green fingers dads will adore this delightful MIXED EUSTOMA WITH VASE (Price: RM299.00 MYR).

We, at Gift Flowers Malaysia, pride ourselves in giving you the best customer service experience and excellent advice on finding your perfect flower gift. We also offer free flower delivery in Kuala Lumpur.

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