Popular Graduation Flowers in Malaysia

Posted on July 05 2019

Graduation is an important time in someone’s life. It is the bridge between working hard on your studies in a field of interest and stepping out into the new world with fresh eyes.


Why Graduation Flowers?

If you’re thinking about what present to get your brother, sister, close friend or that special someone for the graduation, look no further! Graduation flowers or bouquets are the perfect gifts to give. Not only are they beautiful to look at, different flowers symbolise different virtues and good wishes. Flowers often come in a wide spectrum of colours, and graduation flowers, in particular, are most likely to be bright and bold, a fantastic gift for lightening the mood and the atmosphere. Simply a bouquet of flowers will do absolute wonders for calming the graduation nerves. They will also look amazing in photographs so that your memories of the exciting day will not be forgotten.


Where to Purchase your Graduation Flowers

An online florist in Malaysia would be the go-to place where you can browse the extensive range of flowers and purchase them with ease at the comfort of your own home. We at Gift Flowers Malaysia are more than happy to make all the arrangements for you. As the one-stop online florist based in Malaysia, our goal is to provide you with the freshest bouquets and flower gifts, fabulous flower boxes, and stylish flower accessories. If you are unsure about what gift is best to get, our professional florists delight in giving you excellent customer service and expert advice. For your utmost comfort and convenience, Gift Flowers Malaysia offers free delivery to all Malaysia’s metropolitan areas, ensuring that your flowers will be delivered fresh and in its best condition at a specific time on that very special day.


Unsure what colour flowers to buy? Here is a quick guide:

Colours of Flowers for Graduation

Depending on the message you wish to send to the graduate on his / her graduation, you can send flowers with different colours.

  • Yellow is the universal colour of joy that oozes positivity. It is the colour that tells the graduate “well done” after all their hard work, and it symbolises success and happiness, a wonderful thing to wish them as they embark on their journey.


  • Purple flowers are usually heavily associated with royalty and wisdom, both of which are greatly respected by others and hold a certain authority. For graduates, purple flowers represent success with dignity as well as accomplishment.


  • Orange flowers are given to convey enthusiasm, energy and passion for life, all of which would bring success in the future. Orange is also the colour of health and wellness, which is fundamental to everyone’s wellbeing.


  • Graduation is definitely turning over a new leaf in the graduate’s book. Any green flowers in the bouquet is highly indicative of youth and new beginnings, wishing the graduate the very best of luck.


Different Graduation Flower Types

  1. Marsh-rosemary: This lavender sea-foam looking MARSH-ROSEMARY BOUQUET symbolises remembrance, especially remembrance of the good times and experiences the graduate has had during his / her studies, helping them to stay grounded and work hard towards the future. Price: RM99.00 MYR


  1. Oncidium: Our MINI ONCIDIUM BOUQUET is not only bright and cheerful, it carries a positive message to the recipient wherever it dances to in a carefree manner. The yellow petals are pretty to look at and reflects light, bringing sunshine to its vicinity. Price: RM99.00 MYR


  1. Purple roses: Roses are often given to show how much a person means to you, and purple roses are no exception. You can wish the graduate great success and outstanding accomplishments with this MIXED PURPLE ROSES BOUQUET.

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