Pamper Mommy with Flowers this Mother's Day

Posted on April 23 2020

People all around the world celebrate Mother’s Day, but do you know what Mother’s Day traditions there are? Read on to find out more!


What are the Mother’s Day traditions around the world?

Ethiopia: Large celebrations are held in Ethiopia. Daughters bring vegetables and cheese home while sons bring back some meat. They prepare a meat hash together to feast on and celebrate with joyous singing and dancing.

France: After the First World War, medals were given to mothers with large families as tokens of gratitude for rebuilding the population. Nowadays, flower-shaped cakes are given instead.

India: In India, you not only celebrate with your mum but other mums too! Time to give all mothers a break. People bring their own home-cooked food to their friends and family’s houses and share with the mothers who have worked hard all year long, preparing meals for us.

Japan: In Japan, people write notes of gratitude to mothers and present it to them along with a white carnation, the official Mother's Day flower. This is a simple but sweet gesture that can really warm a mother’s heart.


Why buy flowers for Mother’s Day?

Flowers are a popular Mother’s Day gift for a reason. Not only are they the universal symbol of love and affection, they come in a wide variety of vibrant colours that are bound to bring a smile to her face. Different flowers and colours have special meanings, which make them great messengers as well as gifts. Flowers are also scientifically proven to freshen up the environment, enhance moods and make you feel more relaxed – just what mothers need! So, keep an eye out for Mother' Day flower deals around this time of the year.


How to celebrate Mother's Day with the right flowers

You can pamper your mum with stunning flower gifts on this special occasion, and with Gift Flowers Malaysia, this couldn’t be done any easier! Browse our website for the most unique flower gifts for Mother’s Day. Choose her favourite flowers and send them secretly with a beautiful Mother’s Day card or our complimentary message card to surprise her on the day. If you’re having any trouble finding the perfect gift for your mum, our florists at Gift Flowers Malaysia are more than willing to lend a hand. We give fantastic advice and customer support on finding the gift that your mother needs, and we also offer free flower delivery to all metropolitan areas in Malaysia to save you the hassle.


Mother’s Day flower gifts

Here are some different styles of flowers gifts you could give this Mother’s Day 2020:

  1. Boxed flowers: TIMELESS BEAUTY is a true head-turner – prepare to be mesmerised by its fantastic arrangement of the season’s most gorgeous pink, purple and champagne roses, laying gracefully upon a bed of seasonal foliage. This unique combination will look amazing in any box colour you choose, be it pink, blue or black. Price: RM329.00 MYR
  2. Tulips: This MINI TULIPS BOUQUET can add a streak of brightness to Mother’s Day! This spring flower brings about new beginnings and are the perfect embodiment of love and admiration. These 8 to 10 stems of mini flowers, in particular, are adorable and will fit nicely in your mother’s arms. Price: RM229.00 MYR
  3. Pink flowers: Go pink this Mother’s Day! There’s nothing more beautiful than warm and sweet pink coloured flowers this season. Our PINK LILIES & ROSES BOUQUET connotate your mother’s sweet and gentle nature and shows how much you admire her. RM249.00 MYR

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