Hari Raya Flowers Gift Guide 2017

Posted on June 06 2017

Hari Raya is a celebration marking the end of Ramadan. During Ramadan, Muslims are expected to fast during the daylight hours and to refrain from certain types of behavior. Hari Raya marks the end of the fasting period, and it is often marked by a celebration. Families, friends, and neighbors may gather to celebrate the end of the fast by eating large meals. Everybody comes together after this difficult time of sacrifice.


Hari Raya is the perfect opportunity to show your friends and family members how much you care. Gifts can symbolize peace and bringing the family together in unity. If you are unable to make it home for the festivities, a gift also sends the message that you are thinking about your loved ones from afar.


Choosing the perfect Hari Raya gift may be difficult. Food is always a popular item, but if you are sending a present from afar, flowers may catch your eye instead. Flowers are always a welcome gift, and you will soon find that there are many options to choose from based on the message you wish to convey with your present.


The Benefits of Sending Hari Raya Flowers

Flowers are always a great choice for Hari Raya, especially as families are looking for ways to decorate their homes for the holiday. When people plan to host guests for the celebration, they want their house to look its absolute best. This means that your flowers will be a welcome gift. People will love the fresh scent of flowers filling the air as they dine together as a family.


Hari Raya flowers are often best accompanied by other presents. You can send flowers alongside a variety of other presents -- even food. Pairing flowers with items like gift hampers and fun celebratory items will show that you are thinking about the rest of the family even if you are unable to come home for Hari Raya.


Gifting Flowers for Hari Raya
Certain flowers make better gifts for for Hari Raya than others. This is a happy day, so flowers should not be somber and symbolic of mourning. Instead, flowers should be bright, cheerful, and bubbly. Selecting the perfect flower can help you send a message that represents the beautiful celebration, demonstrating that you care. You might even want to tailor your choice in flowers to the style of decoration of your loved one’s home.


We love the Gerberas with Vase gift, especially for the end of Ramadan. These are cheerful flowers that are reminiscent of innocence. Plus, you will find a variety of colors. This gift comes with 10 or 20 stems, each one reminding your recipient that you care. The gerbera is the perfect Hari Raya flower because of its unique ability to cheer up any space.


We also recommend the Oriental Orchid Arrangement. This classic orchid is a lovely flower that blooms for long lengths of time with proper care, just like a relationship. Plus, this gift arrives already potted so that it is ready for display. The orchid is an elegant and impressive flower no matter where it is displayed, so it is sure to garner lots of attention.


Our Roses & Mini Roses with Vase is an excellent Hari Raya present.This is a sweet arrangement that is ideal for a special occasion that brings the entire family together. The combination of large white roses and pink mini roses will speak to your loving relationship.


The Little Red Roses Hand Bouquet is simple but sweet. Each of the five luscious stems help you celebrate the sweetness of Hari Raya. It can be a romantic present, but it can also show that you care about your family.


Ordering flowers online is a great way to ensure that your gift arrives in time for Hari Raya. Ordering online allows you to select the color and type of flower that you want to grace your loved one’s presence with. Plus, this ensures that the gift you order will arrive on time for a celebration.


No matter which flowers you choose to send your loved ones, they will speak to the holiday’s intentions of spending time with loved ones. Your family and friends will love knowing that they are in your thoughts.

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