Girly Gift Ideas for your BFF

Posted on July 25 2018

Grab a pillow and a nice beverage! Its time to chill out with your BFF in this wonderful celebration of your friendshipSisters Day.

This day takes place on the first Sunday of August, and this year, it occurs on the 4th. Sisters have traditionally been viewed as someone you confided in and told your secrets to. Older sisters would be your guidance while younger ones looked to you with admiration and trust. Sisters have always stuck by each other through thick and thin, unlike fair-weathered friends; they are here with you whenever you go through a rough patch, and they will be here with you to celebrate your success and joy in life.

Contrary to popular belief, the sister in question doesnt have to be biological, but she must be someone who is so close to you that they might as well be your true blood sibling. The purpose of Sisters Day is to celebrate that close bond you have with your sister or sisters; the loyalty, the laughs and the love shared among you. In the busy society that we live in, sometimes it is hard to find time to spend with others, let it be family, friends or even our significant others. Sisters Day serves as both a reminder and a pleasant excuse to reach out with your fellow sister(s).

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate Sisters Day its quite personalised, and is definitely a decision made among yourselves. Remembering the good times youve had with your sister(s) is a nice start to the celebration, so go and enjoy yourselves! Perhaps youd like to bond over a nice dinner with all your favourite foods, or even, for the busy bodies, reconnect briefly over a cup of coffee. Going to watch a heart-warming movie or one that brings back all those childhood memories is also an option, as is taking a stroll through an old path that you and your sister(s) have frequented in the past. The most important thing is that you reconnect with this very important sister, so dont let this opportunity be lost!

Its hard to clearly depict how grateful you are and how much you truly cherish your relationship with your sister without being a big soppy mess, but flowers can say a thousand words. Their beauty, their colour and the meanings behind certain blooms can be very good representations of how you feel towards your sister. Here are a few flowery gifts we would recommend you to give on that very special meeting.


Timeless Beauty

As the name suggests, this gift is an indication of your timeless friendship and bond. This elegant collection of pastel coloured roses gives off a wonderful message. The pink roses symbolize your appreciation towards your sister, while purple ones are show your sisterly love. The sunny, cheerful yellow coloured roses depict your joy and the fun you have with your BFF. Strikingly beautiful and sweet, your sister will love this to bits! Price: RM329.00 MYR


Mini Roses in Round Flower Box

Do you have an adorable little sister? Then this cute gift is just the thing for her! These mini roses are graceful and elegant, but the cheerful, bold, flamingo hot pink petals has an added touch of innocence and sweetness. They will definitely put a big smile on her face. Price: RM229.00 MYR


Little Roses Surprise

Sometimes, less is more. If it has been a while since youve last reconnected with your sister, Little Roses Surprise will be the perfect gift to give. Five stems of roses and some complementary seasonal foliage is all you need in this beautiful bouquet to say how much youve missed her. Price: RM79.00 MYR

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