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Posted on November 13 2018

With all the hustle and bustle around us, its no wonder we all look forward to a birthday, a celebration, or any joyous festivities thrown in our direction. The family and friends, the delicious foods and the endless hours of fun are exactly what we need to kick back and wind down for a day or two, a little break from all the usual hard work we put in. But heres a question: what would make an occasion that extra bit special? Answer: The gift.


Everyone looks forward to or at least enjoys receiving a nice gift suited to their taste. A gift is not simply a gift of financial value; a well thought out gift informs them that the giver is thinking of them, that the giver cares and values their needs. The gift is like the icing on a cake if given the right gift. Lets be honest, most of us have received at least one gift we were not too enthused about, and even more of us had given a less-than-satisfactory gift to someone else. Those are situations best left locked in a wardrobe, never to see daylight again.


This brings forth a second question, eliciting a third: What is a perfect gift, and how do we ordinary folk go about looking for a perfect gift for the right person? It will be unrealistic to assume that such a gift truly exists for us to simply purchase and the receiver will be forever happy, because everyone and their needs are different. However, with a few tips and tricks up our sleeves, you will be able to master a few techniques on how to choose that very special gift for all those different people every time.


  1. Write a list

When we buy something for ourselves, we usually have a few things to consider. Do we genuinely like it? What is it about this item that attracts us? Is it something we need or want? Is it something we would like to keep in our possession? The same questions can be asked for the receiver. Ideally, it would be better if you know the person fairly well, but if not, dont panic! You can get started by making a list of all the things you know for sure he/she likes. Consider their interests, routines, what they need in their daily lives and what things they may like to have. Afterwards, take a look at all the items and take note of all the potential gift ideas. If possible, narrow it down as best as you can. This will give you a better idea of what to get for this person.


  1. Consider the theme

What is the occasion? Most festivals and birthdays are quite lenient on what choice of gift you could give, but if you are really stuck for choice, the theme and associated festivities may help guide you.


  1. A special gift for a special person

Everyone wants a gift that feels unique and tailored to them, so its undoubtedly something to keep in mind when youre on the search for a perfect gift for them. You want to make them feel extra special and understood. What is something that is meaningful to them? What is something personal that they shared with you? Maybe they told you their dreams, their thoughts or point of views on something. Words of encouragement accompanying a related gift would do wonders.


  1. Simple, but sweet

Contrary to popular belief, a good gift does not have to be lavish or expensive in any way, but it should be personal and meaningful, reminiscent of a pleasant memory or a nice experience you have shared together. A bit of DIY is a lovely way to show the effort and thought you have put in to the gift, or even a simple photo frame with a picture of you together can effortlessly put a smile on their faces.


  1. Make it personal

Regardless of whatever gift you get, it doesnt mean much without your magic touch. Connect with the receiver by adding a personal note or a little ornament to remind them of you. It will be a gift they will find hard to forget.

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