Fresh Flower Care Tips

Posted on August 09 2017

When you order flowers (or somebody orders flowers for you), you want them to last as long as possible. The bright, colorful blooms of an orchid or rose are more appealing when they are well taken care of in comparison to when the recipient of the flowers does not manage them well. Fortunately, learning how to take care of flowers is not as difficult as it seems. This guide will help you learn how to take proper care of fresh flowers.

The Difficulty of Maintaining Fresh Flowers

Generally, the shelf life of cut flowers in a vase is about two weeks. With a little extra tender loving care, you can see a change in the lifespan of your beautiful blooms.

Much of the difficulty surrounding flowers in Malaysia is linked to the weather and temperature. While the warm climate and intense humidity makes Malaysia a fantastic place for exotic flowers and plants, it could definitely influence the condition of your gorgeous cut flowers.

7 Tips for Caring for Fresh Cut Flowers

Now that you have beautiful flowers on display, you certainly want to keep them looking that way. These tips will help you keep those flowers looking good for as long as possible.

1 - Avoid keeping your flowers in extreme temperatures. This may be difficult during a warm Malaysian summer, but selecting a cool place for your flowers is less likely to cause wilting.This might mean placing flowers away from windowsills with exposure to the sun.

2 - Take the flowers out of the plastic they came in as soon as you can and place them in a vase of water. Submerge the stem in fresh water quickly, removing dead or wilting leaves.

3 - Change water often, especially when you see it begin to cloud. Additionally, remove dead flowers each day.

4 - Clean out the vase with the flowers thoroughly with warm, soapy water. This removes bacteria that could cause your fresh flowers to wilt or dry out quickly.

5 - Cut the stems with a sharp knife diagonally, about two inches from the bottoms. This is a little trick that allows your stems to soak up more water and thus receive more nutrients. When you do this, just make sure not to crush or flatten the stem. Additionally, you may need to recut the stems every few days.

6 - Many deliveries come with packets of nutrition for your flowers. Apply this packet as quickly as possible after putting the flowers in water to extend the life of your beautiful floral blooms.

7 - Never allow smoke to get near the flowers. Blooms that are located near smoking areas tend to wilt much faster than those that are only surrounded by fresh air.

Some of Our Favorite Fresh Flowers

Selecting the perfect vase of flowers to send to somebody (or even to purchase for yourself) is as easy as pointing and clicking. We offer a high-quality selection of flowers that look gorgeous adorning any room in the house or office.

The Gerberas with Vase gift is perfect as a symbol of cheerful fun, especially because this flower comes in so many beautiful colors. Select 10 or 20 stems to brighten up somebody’s day. One special tip to keep gerberas in excellent condition is to change water daily and flower food every other day. These are sensitive flowers, so you want to keep the water very clean.

We highly recommend the
Eustoma in Round Flower Box gift, which allows you to select the color of the flowers and box they arrive in. This is a calming, thoughtful present that represents friendship and grace. These are hearty flowers that are actually much better at living through lots of humidity than some other options.

The Mini Oncidium Bouquet is another excellent choice. This orchid is not common, which makes it even more delightful to give as a present. It is quite a romantic flower as well. These flowers are versatile and lovely, making them perfect.

Finally, consider the unique Marsh-Rosemary Bouquet. This bouquet is one that really stands out in a crowd, making it a great memorial flower. It is also fantastic as a symbol of affection and respect. It may also represent a bright future in the making.

There are many ways you can work toward caring for your flowers. As a present, any of these bouquets can last longer with just a little bit of tender loving care.

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