Flowers for your proposal

Posted on February 06 2020

Professing your love for your partner with an amazing flower gift is something that has been done throughout history. Dating as far back as the Victorian era, lovers communicated with each other solely with the help of flowers. The popularity of this method eventually turned into a custom where one can confess their love to their admirer or propose with flowers.


Proposing to your fiancée to be can be greatly unnerving. There is usually quite a lot of thought put into the preparation, and there is no foolproof one-method-fits-all technique to propose – you simply have to adjust and organise it in a way that is tailored to you and the love of your life. Thankfully, we here at Gift Flowers Malaysia know a thing or two about how to get ready for the proposal, some general guidelines on proposal etiquette and the flowers you need to make this occasion extra special for you.


Proposal Preparation Guide

Here is our ultimate checklist for your marriage proposal:

  • Think about what memorable proposal ideas you can put to use. Would your beloved like something grand? Perhaps a romantic, intimate moment? Or would she prefer just something small and quaint in the presence of loved ones?
  • Ensure the proposal is kept as a surprise. In order to surprise your beloved, make sure all the guests are in on keeping the surprise
  • Pick the right time so that you will both be in the mood for celebration
  • Plan the budget realistically and find a decent venue. Some proposal date ideas include your local restaurant, the park or any of your favourite date venues. The more common it is, the less likely it will cause suspicion. Alternatively, you can take a nice trip down the memory lane and take her to the place you went to on your first date
  • Keep the guest list relatively small, especially if you want to keep things kind of private. A large guest list may overwhelm your fiancée and there is more chance of ruining the surprise
  • Don’t get too creative and splash out on fancy things. More often than not, a banner will do just fine in celebrating this special moment between you two.
  • Get right measurements for a ring she will likely love. You can even bring the ring that she usually wears to the jeweler for a more accurate measurement and idea of what her taste is like.
  • Work on your marriage proposal speech. They don’t have to be lengthy and complex, just be genuine and speak from the heart. Telling your partner how much you love them and how much you’d like to spend the rest of your life with her is more than enough.
  • Get the best flowers for the marriage proposal. If you’re not sure which type to get, we at Gift Flowers Malaysia has got some proposal flowers just for you. We also offer free flower delivery to all metropolitan areas in Malaysia.


What's the best flowers for the proposal?

  • Roses are by far one of the most popular flowers to give, being the universal I love you flower, and ultimate symbol of romance. Our ROMANTIC RED ROSES BOUQUET will surely put a smile on her face. Price: RM298.00 MYR
  • Lilies are a symbol of humility and devotion to your other half, a wonderful message to send during your proposal. The sweetest gift to go with it is none other than our PINK LILIES & ROSES BOUQUET. Price: RM249.00 MYR
  • For a more colourful and cheerful way to celebrate the new beginning ahead of you both, opt for tulips! Our MINI TULIPS BOUQUET is a sign of love and loyalty to your beloved. Price: RM229.00 MYR

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