Flowers Care for Droopy Tulips

Posted on October 10 2019

About Tulips

Originated in Persia and Turkey, Tulips are by far one of the most distinctive flower gifts to give. Their bulbous cup-shape and colourful petals are universally recognizable, and they are highly representative of spring, perfect love and new beginnings.

Indeed, tulips are perfect in every way, being just the right size and shape and gives off a comfortable feeling to suit every occasion. Not too romantic, not too proper, not too cheerful – everything about this special blossom makes it just right. They also come in a variety of vibrant colours that bring different symbolisms to this flower, for example, red means true love, purple means royalty, yellow means cheerful thoughts and white means worthiness or forgiveness.

Unfortunately, there comes a time when your beautiful tulips too will wilt. What can we do to look after them and make them last longer? Gift Flowers Malaysia, your one-stop online florist based in Malaysia provides the perfect flower care guide on how to take care of a tulip.


How Long do Tulips Bloom?

In cool weather, tulips will last for 1-2 weeks. If the weather is warmer, the flowers may last for just a few days.


Planting and Preparation

Some types of tulips can bloom indoors and most tulips make wonderful cut flowers, so its not all dependent on the weather. Remember to apply compost and bulb food when planting to provide the tulips with nutrients.


How to Make Tulips Last Longer

These flowers prefer a winter-chilling period and do not favour too much water, so unless there is a drought or a dry spell for over a week, there is no need to water the plant. If it is quite humid in your home, there is no need to water much at all. Too much water can cause the tulip bulb to rot.


How to Revive Potted Tulips

At the first signs of wilting, you can deadhead (remove dead flower heads) tulips when you see them, so that they do not produce seeds. Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. Place the potted plant in an area with bright sunlight and cool temperatures. Take care not to remove the leaves. Instead, let them remain on the tulips for about 6 weeks after flowering so that the plant can gather energy from sunlight through the leaves to grow more blooms the following year. You can prune off the leaves after they turn yellow and die. When the leaves start to emerge, provide your tulips with the same bulb food or bone meal that you used when you were planting them. Water the plant well.


How to Store Tulip Bulbs

Tulip bulbs need to be in cold storage during winter, allowing them to rest and to develop flower buds. Storing the bulbs in a refrigerator at around 40 degrees Fahrenheit for at least eight weeks to give them a cold dormant period. Remember not to place the bulbs next to fruit, since fruit gives off ethylene gas which potentially kills the developing flower inside the bulbs.


3 Different Styles of Tulips

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