Flower Surprise for HER on White Day 2018

Posted on March 09 2018

Were all familiar with Valentines Day. This is a day to express love; a day where girls and women make or buy cards and chocolate gifts, and present them to the boys or men they admire. In the present day, the boys and men may also send flowers and chocolates to their beloved in return.

And then there is White Day, which is celebrated one month after Valentines Day, on March 14th. This is usually celebrated in East Asia. Traditionally, on White Day, a reversal of gift-giving takes place; boys and men who received chocolate gifts on Valentines Day are now expected to return a gift. These include flowers, white chocolate, cookies, marshmallow, jewellery, and lingerie.

At Gift Something, we take White Day very seriously, which is why weve come up with the perfect gifts to woo that special lady. Here are some of our recommendations:

Roses in Round Flower Box – Large

This delightful bunch of fully-bloomed roses are sure to put a smile on her face! There are approximately 36 38 stems of delicate beauty. Choose from an array of elegant colours red, pink, white, purple, champagne marvellously packed together in a chic, minimalistic-styled flower box, which also comes in blue, black and pink, and decorated with a divine golden print at the front. This pretty little gift is no doubt an excellent way to brighten up her day or her desk! Come up with a lovely message in the complimentary card, and youre good to go! Price: RM199.00 MYR

Pink Lady

Power to pink, the universal colour of love! Pink lady stands for all the good things: romance, femininity and, with its marshmallow shades of pink and white roses, just a hint of sweetness. Celebrate White Day in style with this beautiful bunch in her arms. With 36 stems gathered together in luscious bouquet, this gift is bound to turn a few heads wherever you decide to present it to your lady. Ideal for any romantic occasion and date. Also, dont forget to write a sweet message on the complimentary card! Price: RM229.00 MYR

Love Blossoms

Express your love with passion today! This classic red bouquet of gorgeousness is all you need to ignite that special flame of love. Closely associated with themes of beauty, perfection and romance, this is a flawless way to come up with the I love you. Show her how much you care by gathering up as many stems of roses as you like comes in 12, 24, and 36 and delivering it to her doorstep. Seeing how big and full this bundle has grown to, we can confirm that love really does blossom! Perfect for any romantic occasion, whether its a candlelit dinner, a stroll in the park, or a quiet night in. Includes seasonal foliage and a complimentary message card. Price: RM169.00 MYR

Pink & Purple Roses Bouquet

Want to add meaning and depth to your flowers? Then this gift is perfect for you! Pink and purple roses look amazing individually, but these shades here complement each other wonderfully. Different coloured roses also represent different qualities. Dark pink roses symbolise gratitude and your appreciation towards your beloved, while light pink roses indicate gentleness and your affection. Lavender shades denote love at first sight and the desire to express your romantic feelings. Includes 24 mesmerizing stems of elegance. Price: RM179.00 MYR

Have you seen something you like? Anything that tickles her fancy? Feel free to browse around our collection for more amazing bouquets and gifts and make the most of celebrating White Day together!

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