Flower Gift Ideas for this summer

Posted on July 18 2018

Summer is here and its time to give our surroundings a vibrant splash of colour!

What better way to brighten up our moods and make way for this fabulous season than to treat or loved ones to some beautiful blossoms? Summer time is indeed the best time to send flowers.

The weather may be lovely and sunny for some, but the heat can leave others feeling more than just a little irritated and bothered. The usually dormant hot-headedness and bad tempers rise to the brink alongside the temperature, and people can get a little stressed. Show them how much you care and how much you appreciate them by delivering a bunch of lovely blooms into their arms. This will surely warm their hearts and are incredibly effective in lowering stress levels.

Another reason why you should give flowers as gifts in summer is that they are extremely pleasant to the eye. Having a unique and attractively fresh décor in the home or office will undoubtedly lift moods and liven up the atmosphere. We can also feel a lot calmer in the presence of such beauties, and that will help soothe us and enable us to focus in a multitude of ways, be it in carrying out our daily routine, completing tasks in our work place or simply socialising. We will find that we will be a lot more at ease.

So what flowers make the best gifts this summer? There are certainly a lot to choose from, but the following three has been selected to deliver that extra bit of magic as you present it to the recipient.

Mini Oncidium Bouquet

Want something rare and unique to give to that very special person? Introducing this lovely mini onicidium bouquet. This little innocent and cheerful looking orchid is not often found alone in bouquets. Although yellow is often associated with friendship or joy, the amazingly delicate satin-like petals give these flowers that extra bit of sensuality, making it a perfect gift for romantic occasions. On the other hand, if a friend needs a little pick-me-up or someone you love is a little under the weather, this delightfully cheery bouquet will deliver just the love and sunshine they need! Price: RM99.00 MYR

Gerberas with vase

Being the big, beautiful, head-turning flowers that symbolise cheerfulness and innocence, its quite hard to miss these enchanting gerberas once they are in the room. Coming in vibrant, eye-catching colours, they practically draw everyones attention away from the dark and dreary, and enable us to focus our attention on its pretty perky petals. They are definitely a popular flower, among one of peoples favourites to send as a gift, whether it be on birthdays, during holidays and festivals as well as at parties. Our mixed colour gerberas come in a clear glass vase and is composed of either 10 or 20 stems. Price: RM139.00 MYR

Seasonal Flowers in Round Flower Box

If you need a little something to add colour, joy and passion to your life, look no further! These Seasonal Flowers with Elegant Flower Box will be the perfect item for you. Wonderfully bold and bright, the terrifically vibrant coloured flowers are all arranged in a way that shows off their bold hues, giving you the impression that we can all be a little more daring and fun-loving. An ideal gift for all joyful celebrations and events. Comes in a pink, blue or black box. Price: RM329.00 MYR

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