Flower arrangement for Hari Raya 2018

Posted on June 04 2018

Now that Ramadan a time of sober repentance for Muslims is coming to an end, its time to get into the festive spirit of Hari Raya! Contrary to the solemn ambiance of Ramadan, the sacredness and the ongoing fasting, this cheerful festival is filled with colourful celebrations, family and friends, and delectable food.


People who celebrate Hari Raya have the tradition of wearing new festive clothing. Men wear 'Baju Melayu', which includes loose shirts with trousers, while women don some 'Baju Kurung', a long loose blouse and skirt. Everyone starts off the day early by visiting the mosque. There we recite special prayers, thanking God for all the wonderful things and blessings they have received in life. We then set off to visit parents and elders, and seek forgiveness for any wrong-doings we have had throughout the past year. In return, we will receive green packets of money.


Afterwards us celebrators will go and visit relatives and friends for enjoyable home-cooked food. A Hari Raya feast includes a wide variety of scrumptious dishes, including beef rendang (spicy beef dish), 'sambal' (a type of chilli paste), 'sayur lodeh' (a vegetable soup with mixed vegetables prepared in coconut milk) along with white rice and some 'ketupat' (a kind of rice dumpling). There is also a great selection of desserts on offer.


Hari Raya is all about bright colours and warm, attractive homes. What better gift to give family and friends than gorgeous, colourful flowers? A symbol of unity and peace, big bold blooms are not merely a sweet thank you gift but also a wonderful house decoration that livens up the place during this lovely gathering. We understand the significance of Hari Raya and how important it is to give the ideal gift. So, we have a couple of floral gifts recommendations up our sleeves to ensure your present will stand out.


Mixed Purple Roses with Vase

An elegant vase of flowers for your home? Yes, please! Turn your home instantly into festive scene and enjoy the celebrations with this lovely gift. These purple roses complete with pretty, seasonal foliage set the perfect mood for Hari Raya with family and friends. The majestic purple petals give off an air of grandeur and royalty, which matches the big feast we have in store. Set it down in the middle of the table for some delightful dinner décor, or place it by the windowsill as a side aesthetic. Price: RM299.00 MYR


Elegant Yellow Orchid Arrangement

This simplistic yet stylish pot of orchids is just what you need this season! Gracefully arranged in stems of six, these flowers are anything but boring, as its bright and bold colours are sure to radiate and liven up any room. The sunny yellow orchids symbolise new beginnings and joyful ambiance, the best fit for the festival of Hari Raya, where forgiveness is sought and given, and excitement and fun can be found in every corner. Price: RM499.00 MYR


Forest Fantasy

Introducing this unique bunch of exotic flowers to your host is guaranteed to turn a few heads. If youre not into the traditional blossoms we see on the market, then this bundle may just be the thing youre looking for. This bouquet is so colourful and different from the rest, people may wonder if you have been these from the forest grounds. Comprising of a grand mixture of Leucospermum, protea and tulips, this enchanting gift represents new beginnings, diversity and courage to try new things. Price: RM389.00 MYR

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