Floral Arrangement For Your Fiancée

Posted on December 31 2018

If youre looking to get off to a good start and surprise your fiancée at this time of the year, January 1st could not be a better time!


This date marks a very special event, Commitment Day, which celebrates the day where you make that promise to your beloved. Commitment Day was first celebrated in 1960 where lovers show how much they care for one other and make their affectionate promises to each other. It is a day to indicate that you will go to great lengths for your very special bond. A common vow to be made on the day is a marriage proposal and the vow to stick by your wife-to-be.


During this important day, it is ideal to propose to the love of your dreams. However, letting them know that you are committed and will do your very best for the relationship is not an easy task. Commitment is built on respect, trust and dedication, and the actions you take to make things happen definitely speak a lot louder than words. A good way to start is by offering beautiful flowers to ensure that they remember this unforgettable occasion.


At Gift Flowers Malaysia, we are more than happy to give you some recommendations. Browse our online shop for magnificent blooms to suit the occasion or read on to uncover our top 4 picks!


Say it with this 99 Roses Bouquet! Beautifully arranged and brimming with vitality, this is the perfect gift to show your true love and passion to your fiancée. Price: RM429.00 MYR


You could also opt to choose a softer, more romantic pink shade of roses to express your sweet love to your beloved. Rose Radiance is an elegant bouquet that is guaranteed to put a smile on her face. Price: RM169.00 RM209.00 MYR


Timeless Beauty is an amazing collection of various pastel coloured roses. From pretty pinks and soft baby blues to perfect purple and cheery yellow, this is a fantastic gift for someone who appreciates the variety in life. Price: RM329.00 MYR


Customise your gift with stunning Roses in Round Flower Box – Large. You can pick her favourite colour of the flowers as well as the colour of the round box in which it will be displayed. Each box will contain 36-38 stems of this season's best roses. Price: RM199.00 MYR

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