Father's Day Celebration Guide in Malaysia

Posted on June 05 2019

Father’s Day in Malaysia

The 3rd Sunday of June is not far, and it is time to celebrate Father’s Day in Malaysia. Though we completely agree that we don’t need a special day to profess our love to our dearest father, there is no harm in dedicating one day to this special man, who has been our backbone and a constant companion. Our fathers are hold a significant place in our lives, celebrating father’s day is just a small way of recognizing his contribution in our lives.


Celebrating Father’s Day


There are thousands of ways to celebrate Father's Day and make it memorable day for your dear Dad, but for a father his favorite way would be spending this special day with his children. Whether your dad likes to go hiking or he simply enjoys visiting the cinema and watching a movie or he would like going out for a nice family dinner, plan an activity for the day which he would surely enjoying doing it with his beloved family.


You can go fishing with him or plan an overnight camping trip. If he is not an outdoors person, plan a cook a meal together in the house, cook some of his favorite dishes together and have scrumptious meal together.


While planning things to do on Father’s day do not forget to pick up something unique, something special for him, a gift which he will cherish and will love to receive from his dear child.


Gifting on Father’s Day


Pick up something which your father has been wanting for long, surprise him by gifting him a rare edition watch or a bottle of his favorite whiskey. You can take your pick from a variety of men’s gift products like perfumes, cuff links, ties, shirts etc. Do not forget to pair these gifts with some of the most beautiful flowers to brighten up his day. Flowers are best at expressing our love and affection.

Cymbidiums are unique which are normally not seen in the regular bouquets available in the market. These orchids are beautiful and require less care. They are special flowers, which you can gift your dad this Father’s Day. Lush Cymbidium Bouquet is a lovely arrangement of 10 elegant stems of Cymbidium flowers surrounding by lush seasonal foliage. This beautiful bouquet sends the message that you care, it is a symbol of gratitude for your fathers who have always been by your side.

A classy and hearty arrangement, which is perfect for gifting on Father’s Day.  The Oriental Orchid Arrangement is the traditional orchid flower which is stunningly arranged in a small pot.  Two stems of the Season’s Best orchids are placed and decorated in an orchid pot. The pot will look wonderful as a display piece on the dining table or in your dad’s office.  

Red roses are symbols of love. Send love to your dearest father, this Father’s Day with this sweet little red roses hand bouquet. Five pretty stems of the season’s best red roses surrounded by fragrant eucalyptus, is the perfect flower arrangement to show someone that you care. Bouquets need not be large and overbearing, this little bouquet is gorgeous and will melt your father’s heart.

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