Engagement Party Décor Ideas

Posted on November 01 2019

Holding an engagement party is perfect to get everyone ready and excited for the upcoming wedding. Not only can you share the delightful news of the engagement proposal with the people dearest and closest to you, you also have the opportunity to connect with your future wedding guests. It’s also a great ice-breaker for members from both families to get to know each other, if they had not been introduced before.

When preparing to celebrate this imminent union between two very special people, we cannot be short of flowers. Gift Flowers Malaysia is more than happy to share with you what flowers make the best decorations for this wondrous occasion.


How to decorate your engagement party with flowers

Flowers are always a fantastic décor in any special event. Effortlessly beautiful, elegant and highly symbolic, they bring a nice addition to the setting and helps to set the right mood for everyone at the party. While there is no short of flowers to choose from, finding the right kind tailored to your taste for the engagement party could be a little tricky.


Set your Budget

Know what your budget is before you purchase your flowers. Finding a reputable florist who provides high-quality flowers at prices within your range is key. Exotic flowers that are not in season are usual more expensive (see Flower Availability) but if that’s the kind you like and it fits your budget, you can give it the green light.

Keep an eye out for flower arrangements that appeal to you and make sure that their delivery code is good. If you have a bit of creativity and are interested in arranging flowers, feel free to do it yourself for an added personal touch, but if not or you seem to be running a little behind schedule, don’t stress yourself out and leave the hard work to a professional florist.


Flower Availability

If you already have your eyes set on which kind of flowers to get, make sure that they are available in where you are. Most are not available all year round, and if you happen to find them at the wrong season, they may cost a lot more because of the extra maintenance efforts.


Stylish Flowers

Choosing blossoms that fit into the theme of your engagement party is visually important. Take into consideration where you are planning to put the flowers as that is a helpful deciding factor on what style of flowers to get.

Clever table décor ideas are a must. You’d want to ensure that your guests will be able to see each other across the table so that they can easily make conversation, so getting something smaller as the centerpiece would be ideal. PINK ROMANCE are boxed flowers - Pink Eustomas, White Eustomas & Pink Ranunculuses - that come in three different box colours to choose from, so you can mix and match to suit your party theme (Price: RM379.00 MYR). Alternatively, for a dramatic yet pleasant appeal, you could opt for a tall, thin vase with flowers that towers above everyone’s head… and still enables conversation!


Photogenic Flowers

Photos will definitely be taken during this very special occasion, so make sure that the flowers complement their surroundings. Look to magazines or hotel decoration for inspiration. Pairing soft pinks and green is a nice combination. The CLASSIC PEACE PINK ROSES WITH VASE (Price: RM299.00 MYR) is sweet and modern, the combination of pink roses and carnations paired with the green stalks in the clear glass vase can suit most venues. Or if the flower is big and bright, one or two stalks at a table is enough. White flowers in a clear glass jar or bottle are among some of the more modern and minimalistic styles – simple but cute and pretty.


Decorate the Flowers

A little decoration goes a long way. Pairing flowers with a colourful fruit, like limes, lemons or other citrus fruit, depending on the colours of the flowers will definitely turn a few heads!

Rustic engagement party decorations are also in style. One of our favourites include the GARDEN OF EDEN (Price: RM399.00 MYR), a fresh combination of blue hydrangeas, white ranunculuses, yellow roses, yellow tulips, white tulips and hyacinths that brings warmth and joy to the table.

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