Best Mini Bouquets

Posted on October 16 2017

Flowers are like people - each flower has its own unique personality. This is why choosing the right flowers for your bouquet can make the best impression for any type of occasion. Not only do bouquets look beautiful, they also speak a million words about who you are, who you’re giving it to, your feelings, and your personality. This guide will help you choose the perfect mini bouquet.

Tips for Choosing the Best Mini Bouquet

1 – Go with your gut. It’s important to remember that you’re trying to express a certain emotion with the flowers you’re getting. When choosing the flowers for your bouquet, consider the emotional response you feel that the shapes and colors of the flowers give you.

2 – Choose colors that best express your feelings. The colors of flowers play an important role when conveying emotions and feelings. Certain colors can portray certain emotions and moods. For example, blue conveys serenity, red triggers excitement, and yellow shows happiness.

3 – Consider the shape and texture. The essential aspects of a flower’s character are its shape and texture. A flower’s shape and texture help make a powerful impact when mixing it with other flowers. When choosing flowers for a mixed bouquet, structured flowers that have bolder blossoms are great for the leading character, while softer flowers that are more compliant are perfect for supporting roles.

4 – Think about the recipient. If you want to let someone know how much you’re thinking of them, choose flowers that reflect the recipient’s taste and personality. You can also choose flowers in the recipient’s favorite color.

5 – Express a part of yourself. Flowers are good at revealing something about you to the recipient. You can show compassion or even ask forgiveness with the flowers you choose by showing the recipient that the flowers are somewhat a part of you.

What Color Combination Goes Well For Bouquets

It’s true that there are no colors that shouldn’t go together; however, there are colors that go extremely well together. Some examples would be, purple and pink, and yellow and orange. Here’s a tip, choose only two complementary colors or three to four harmonious colors. You can also just get one type of flower in one color because it can have a big impact if the flowers are arranged well.

Some of our Popular Mini Bouquets

Choosing the perfect mini bouquet to give to someone important is extremely important. Bouquets are a great way to show someone that you care. Here are some of our most favorite mini bouquets that you can choose from.

The Little Red Roses Bouquet is a perfect bouquet if you want to send a message of passion and love. This arrangement consisting of five lovely stems, bedded alongside eucalyptus, can truly show somebody that you care.

We highly recommend the Mini Tulips Bouquet because tulips are strongly associated with true love and loyalty. These flowers are most suitable for expressing feelings.

The Mini Hydrangea Bouquet is another excellent choice. The lacy nature of the hydrangea means that the blooms are a special delight for the special person who receives them. Sending this bouquet of hydrangeas to somebody special sends the message of gratefulness and understanding.

Lastly, consider getting the Mini Oncidium Bouquet. The oncidium is a type of orchid that is not commonly found alone in bouquets. This makes it the perfect flower for a special person in your life. The satin finish of the petals is perfectly suited for a romantic occasion.

With the different types of bouquets out there, it can definitely be hard to choose which one to get. It’s always best to get the bouquet that you think will get your heartfelt message through to the person you’re going to give it to.

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