Chinese New Year Flower Introduction

Posted on January 22 2019

Chinese New Year is drawing near and preparation for the festival has already begun. Purchasing of food, new clothes and other household items are essential to welcoming in a brand new year, and homes are cleaned from top to bottom. Plans are made, gifts are bought, and one can hear the excited chatter about where to go for this celebration.


But how did Chinese New Year even come about? Well, according to the legend, it all started with a mythical beast called Nian, which is said to inhabit the sea. It had the head of a lion and the body of an ox, it and would usually stay in the water until on the night of New Year's Eve, when it would come out to terrorize the village. After an accidental discovery, people realized that Nian was terribly afraid of the colour red, fire and loud sounds. As a result, they decided to dress in red, post red good luck crafts on their doors, set off fireworks and fire crackers to drive the beast away for good.


These traditions can still be seen today. In fact, anything colourful and eye-catching is a must around this time of the year, and flowers are a common gift to purchase. Not only are they representative of new life and beauty, they can also be seen as a source of good luck and can help drive out negative forces. Three such flowers in the peony, orchid and peach blossom.



Peonies, especially red peonies, are a very popular flower to buy for Chinese New Year. Beautiful and graceful, it is closely associated with the beauty of women, peace and tranquillity, and innocence. The charm of its beauty is said to bring wealth into the household.



These delicate, elegant flowers make wonderful gifts during the celebrations. Not only are they stunning with an array of colours to choose from, orchids are symbolic of fertility and abundance in China, and are valued to bring continuity to families. They are also an emblem of self-improvement and finesse.


Peach Blossom

Longevity, prosperity and wealth are much desired blessings for the Chinese, particularly during a time like Chinese New Year. As peach blossoms are sacred and highly representative of all three items, they are very much desired plants to keep at home for most households.

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