Business Flower Gifting Etiquette Guide

Posted on March 18 2020

When we think of gifting with flowers, the first thing that comes to mind is the romantic aspect of it.

Flowers are often portrayed as gifts between lovers, connotating an expression of love, admiration and affection, and viewed as a symbol of romance and passion. With that being said, they are extremely versatile gifts and can be given even in the most professional settings… if the appropriate gifting etiquette is used.

Gift Flowers Malaysia is a premium online florist that specialises in unique flower gifts for all occasions. We offer flower delivery to all metropolitan areas in Kuala Lumpur, ensuring that your flowers are kept fresh and in mint condition on arrival. This makes it perfect for corporate flower gifting and strengthening bonds between people and businesses. Here we’ve got just the guide to show you how it’s done.


How to be appropriate for business flower gifting

Before you purchase your gift, make sure you check the company policy for sending flowers as different standards may apply.

  • Consider the price range: You don’t want to get cheap gimmicky flowers that may be deemed offensive or inconsiderate, nor would you wish to break the bank. A good range for gifting flowers in a professional setting is anywhere between RM95.00 MYR to RM500.00 MYR per gift.
  • Colours of the flowers: Don’t send the wrong message, be it funeral flowers or flowers for lovers. Generally, you may want to avoid red roses as they are an undeniable symbol of love and passion, which is inappropriate in a working environment. Pinks are usually avoided too for similar reasons, but there are exceptions. If the reason for gifting is something sweet and personal, like if someone is getting married or if they had a new baby, it is totally acceptable to give pink and white roses. Flowers in a vase are wonderful arrangements that can readily be placed in the office. Our ROSES & MINI ROSES WITH VASE is a considerate gift to give your fellow colleague, employee or manager in such occasions. Price: RM289.00 MYR
  • Congratulatory flowers: The reason behind gifting flowers is important for deciding what kind of flowers to get. If you want to congratulate a business acquaintance on their award, job promotion or deliver flowers for the opening of a new business, cheery, vibrant flowers are the way to go. To show your utmost support and joy for the recipient, opt for bright, bold or light colours that symbolise joy and triumph. This GARDEN OF EDEN is a delightful mix of the season’s best blue hydrangeas, white ranunculuses, yellow roses, yellow tulips, white tulips and hyacinths. Team it with a nice message and well wishes in the complimentary message card. Price: RM399.00 MYR
  • Going-away flowers: Bidding someone farewell is always an occasion with mixed emotions, especially if your colleague, employee or manager has been a great companion for years. On the one hand, it’s a little sad to see them leave the company, yet on the other hand you’re happy for them and are aiming to throw the best farewell party for them. Whether they are going into retirement or moving onto the next stage of their career, you simply can’t go wrong with yellow flowers. A universal symbol of friendship and good health, these flowers are the ideal platonic flower gift for any business associate. Our MINI ONCIDIUM BOUQUET gives just the perfect combination of enthusiasm and gratitude to the recipient to embark on their new journey in life. Price: RM99.00 MYR

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