Birthday Flowers Ideas 2018

Posted on May 18 2018

Birthdays are fun to celebrate, but theres nothing easy about finding that one special gift. Many items are being introduced onto the shelves every day, and you never know which one to choose to suit their taste. Or maybe, though the birthday is hovering right around the corner, you just dont have time to venture out and shop around for the perfect present.

Well, this year, say Happy Birthday in style with one of our gorgeous bouquet!

Flowers have always been popular gifts and they are a flawless way to celebrate the special day. Plants are known to lift moods, create a relaxing atmosphere and have soothing properties. Show how much you care for your loved ones and friends by delivering a bouquet of luscious roses to their arms or this seasons stunning flower box right to their doorstep. You simply cant go wrong, although we do have a few recommendations at hand:

Pink Roses Only Bouquet

This beautiful bouquet is ideal for that lovely birthday girl. The soft pink petals are not only a symbol of grace and elegance, but they also convey a sense of innocence and girly sweetness that every young-girl-at-heart wish to retain. For a partner, it represents a traditional expression of romance, and is closely associated with the gentleness of the receiver. It also depicts the admiration you have for them. Express your appreciation of their love and kindness with a choice of either 12, 24 or 36 rose stems gathered together in a sophisticated bundle. Sweet and simple, guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. Price: RM99.00 MYR

Seasonal Flowers in Round Flower Box

Need a little burst of sunshine in your life (or home!)? The vibrant, bold and brave colours of this spectacular gift will not fail to dazzle you! With just the right combination of purples, pinks, yellows and greens, this box of seasonal flowers will bring a lot of excitement and joy into any special occasion. The arrangement of the flowers is neatly placed on top of a round, minimalistic styled pot. You can choose the colour of the pot to match the room or to the preference of the receiver; it comes in a chic, stylish black, cool baby blue or soft pastel pink. This gift is sure to turn heads with its rich, impressive hues, without being over-the-top. A truly wonderful choice for a loved ones birthday or as a thoughtful house-warming gift. Price: RM329.00 MYR

Purple Roses Bouquet

Lavender and violet roses are not what you usually see on the marketand thats what makes them so unique! These shades of purple have long been associated with queens and royalty, magic and enchantment. Offering purple roses could symbolise love at first sight and can be used as a means of expressing romantic love, but can also show how much you adore and admire the receiver for her skills and talent. If the person is very unique and creative, this bouquet is the perfect gift for them! Sitting under the 12, 24 or 36 beautiful stems are a throne of fresh, green seasonal foliage, contrasting the roses perfectly. Price: RM239.00 MYR

Treat that special person to a delightful birthday surprise. No one is ever too young or too old to be in the receiving end of flowers to brighten up their day, be it at home or in the workplace. Leave a heartfelt message on the complimentary message card and your lovely gift is ready to go.

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