Best Mother's Day Flowers in Malaysia 2019

Posted on April 30 2019

Absolutely nothing on this earth says ‘I love you’ or ‘I am thinking of you’ better than flowers. Flowers have in many ways become the universal love or romance language of the twenty-first century.  Flower delivery startups have several types of flowers that can be used to celebrate any special occasions from weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays to house warming parties and any other celebration you can think of. Women especially love to receive flowers because they serve as a momentum of that special day. Flowers, by nature, are a burst of fresh air and a spectrum of colors that bring life into a room and always put a smile on a woman’s face especially on mother’s day.

Types of Flowers

Flowers come in many different colors, shapes, and types and have different occasions they are used for;  because we know that Mother’s day is just around the bend we have decided to help you come up with the best Mother’s day flowers for that special lady.

Some of the best flowers you can send to your mom or any other mother out there to celebrate them and show them how loved and important they are this season are;

Roses – trust me when I say you can never go wrong with sending a woman a rose. She will love it no matter what color it is or what type of arrangement it comes in. Traditionally the rose is called the flower of love, and they can be said to vary in meaning depending on the color of the rose you give out. Red roses convey deep emotions like longing, desire, and love. They also convey feelings of respect, admiration or devotion; they are a perfect Mother’s day gift from a husband. White roses are usually associated with purity, goodness, and innocence; they also signify new beginnings. They would be a great gift for the kids to give their mom to show appreciation for all her love. Yellow roses evoke sunny feelings of joy, warmth and welcome. Pink roses convey gentle emotions of admiration, joy, and gratitude. Orange roses signify passion, pride, and fascination. Lavender roses express enchantment, curiosity, and adoration. Green roses signify peace and tranquility.

Carnations – according to a Christian legend, carnations sprang up from where the Virgin Mary’s tears fell when she cried over her son’s plight. They are one of the most popular flowers used to celebrate Mother’s day because some people believe they symbolize a mother’s love. Carnations are also commonly referred to by their scientific name ‘dianthus’ which is gotten from two Greek words ‘dios’- which refers to the god Zeus and ‘anthos’ which means flowers; this led to their third name ‘The flowers of God.’ Carnations express love, fascination, and distinction and come in a variety of colors that have their distinct meanings but they all share one general meaning which is a woman’s love. Pink carnations signify a mother’s love while red carnations signify admiration and deep love for a woman. White carnations signify pure love and good luck.

Lilies – they are considered to be majestic flowers according to ancient mythology, they are also said to be an important part of culture and literature in most parts of the world. Lilies are generally considered to symbolize purity, royalty, passion, and rebirth. Lilies are beautiful but pink lilies are even more beautiful. Take a look at this elegant long stem lilies with premium blooms that symbolizes grace and purity.

Best Flower Colors

White lilies are a symbol of purity and modesty; they are said to express the feeling of being in heaven with someone. Pink lilies represent admiration and attraction. Orange lilies convey feelings of respect and honor. Red lilies symbolize love and passion. Yellow lilies express happiness and cheer.

There are different types of flower arrangements you can use to arrange your flowers, but I will list five of the most classy and popular ones;

  • The fan-shaped flower arrangement is one of the most popularly used; the flowers and leaves are arranged in the shape of a fan with the leaves serving as the flower blades.

  • Elliptical flower arrangement has the flowers arranged and placed in the form of an ellipse. Only brightly colored flowers are used for this particular arrangement.

  • The crescent flower arrangement, also known as the C type of flower arrangement usually has the flowers and leaves arranged in a flower basket supported with flower wraps and tied with silk or satin ribbons.

  • The oval-shaped flower arrangement usually looks very dense and busy from the outside because the flowers, green stems, and leaves are cut and trimmed in the form of an oval shape. This makes it appear very beautiful.

  • The horizontal flower arrangement is arranged in rows or zig-zag, and only fragrant flowers are used.

You can also find great mother's day flower ideas online.

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