Best Flower Choices for Mother’s Day 2018

Posted on May 14 2018

Say Happy Mothers Day with a delightful bouquet this year! We all know that flowers are a must-have on this special occasion, which is why we are bringing you this seasons loveliest full-blooms.

Not opting for the usual, classic roses? Consider the ones on the market a little too plain and boring? Dare to be different and creative? Prepare to be wowed with our recommendations this Mothers Day. Our blossoming bundles will bring that meaningful spark you need into the arms of your mum, and the choices of colour are sure to brighten up any room.

Pink Eustoma Bouquet

Our graceful and elegant eustoma bouquet will undoubtedly turn a few heads. It is ideal as a gift on Mothers Day due to it being associated with a variety of positive emotions. The eustoma not only symbolises joy and calmness, but it also bestows contentment, love and peace upon the receiver. By offering someone this bouquet, you are saying how much you appreciate someones kindness and that you admire them greatly. The soft, velvety petals come in pink hues, giving it that sweet and innocent charm. Among the pillows of petals, there lies some mildly contrasting green buds, which give it a much fresher appeal and announces clearly that spring has arrived. Tied in a bundle with a gorgeous pink ribbon, this fabulous bouquet is complete. Price: RM229.00 MYR

Lush Cymbidium Bouquet

Who could say no to this sophisticated arrangement of dark, wine-coloured flowers? Introducing the cymbidium, a type of tropical orchid. It is rare to be found in any bouquet, let alone one specifically for Mothers Day, but we dare say it will be among one of the most wanted. This stylish bundle consists of 10 beautiful stems and complimentary seasonal foliage. With its defined petals and symmetrical lines, the cymbidium is closely linked with the perception of beauty and perfection. It is also an expression of your love and affection towards your mum. Because of its unique features and rarity, the flower is also considered a source of luxury, royalty and wealth. Whatever the meaning behind this bouquet is to you, it is the perfect gift to let your mum know just how much she really means to you. Price: RM329.00 MYR

Elegant Flower Arrangement in Vase

Perhaps youre more interested in giving your mums environment a bit of a makeover and using something splendid as a décor. Maybe you want something vibrant and colourful, but comfortable and not overly dramatic. Then this wonderful flower in vase gift is just the thing for you! Whether it is placed at home or at your mums workplace, any visitor or colleague can tell that she is a very special woman. The combination of flowers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but rather holds deeper meanings and offers wishes of goodwill to the receiver. The royal purple flowers and stunning roses represent love and adoration while the white lilies symbolise purity and peace. Placed in a minimalistic styled clear glass vase along with the seasons foliage, this gift is a winner! Price: RM269.00 MYR

Mothers Day is symbolic in that it reminisces all that your mum has done for you in the past, and celebrates with what you could do for her now. You dont have to rack your brain for surprising ideas and difficult gift choices; sometimes, the simpler, the better. So, take this opportunity to make this Mothers Day a memorable occasion for your mum with a bit flower power! Guaranteed to put a warm smile on your mums face.

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