6 Décor Tips for A Floral-Lover Home

Posted on September 12 2019

What to do to keep your flower decoration last longer?

Plants are a great way to make your home look more positive. They brighten and enhance the mood of anyone. When we come home and look at flowers, we feel the energy and scent that only nature can provide. Therefore, tiredness decreases.

How to decorate your home with flowers

You do not always have to put plants and flowers the same way, there are many ways to create different floral compositions indoors. Leave your imagination free and try new things. We would like to present six options of DIY flower arranging tips to decorate your home:

1- Use glass jars as a vase

Glass jars for storing sugar or grains are a great alternative as plant pots or vases. You can decorate them by putting some shells or stones inside.

Another way to use old glass jars is with coloured water, which is a great trick to do new experiments.

2- Flower Arrangements in Cages and baskets

A cage can be used in many ways. One is with flowers or with the arrangement of leaves and twigs. Every kind of small flower looks beautiful in baskets. If you want, put the flowers on a damp sponge so they always stay fresh.

3- Vase with fabric

Decorating objects with fabric is a good way to make the environment sweeter and more delicate. If you are tired of your glass vase, decorate it with fabrics, braided straw or the material you prefer. Use flowers that match colours with the cloth and do not forget to put some twigs and leaves.

4- White flowers in white vases

Monochrome arrangements are very elegant. The white tone makes the environment brighter and wider. In addition, it gives a fresher tone to space.

5- Flower box with wooden box

Turning a wooden box into a shelf is not too difficult. Place the vase inside the box. Arrange flowers according to length. It will give an attractive look to your home.

6- Flowers in old bottles

There are many ways to use empty bottles as decoration. Fix some on the wall and let your imagination free to choose colours and flowers. If you do not have much time to make fancy decorations, choose something simple. Flowers separated in bottles of wine or water look beautiful anywhere.

Flower care tips

For those who like to decorate the house with cut flowers, we have specific care tips and recommendations to extend its life span.

1- Cut all the stems diagonally. It may seem like an insignificant detail, but this simple action allows the plant to absorb water better. Remember to use scissors that are properly cleaned.

2- Remove any flowers that are already withered and be careful not to leave any leaves on the stem in contact with the water.

3- Place the flowers in a clean, watered vase.

4- It is better to add floral preservative, or flower food.


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