3 Different Styles of Fresh Rose Gifts

Posted on March 29 2019

Roses have been the iconic symbol of love and beauty for centuries. Their unique petal arrangement, delicacy and sheer elegance has deemed them to be by far the most popular choice of gift flowers all around the world. These stunning flowers are also a fantastic addition to your home and office, a naturally beautiful décor that brightens up the environment. So, it is always safe and simple to choose roses as a gift.


Meaning behind the Colours

Different coloured roses carry different meanings. When you are purchasing roses as a gift for a very special someone, consider the purpose of the delivery. What is the message you are trying to convey? Do you wish to express your love and admiration? Or is it a celebration of new beginnings? What if you simply want to express your gratitude? Here is a guide to the meaning behind different coloured roses.


  • Red Roses: Unmistakably a symbol of love, red roses convey strong emotions such as deep love, fiery passion, desire or longing. Red roses are also used to express your respect, admiration or devotion towards someone. The intensity of colour is also very important. Where a bright coloured red rose is used to convey love, a dark red rose is used to convey sorrow and heartfelt regret.


  • Pink Roses: As a contrast to fiery, energetic, passionate red roses, these soft pretty, pink blooms are used to symbolise more gentle emotions like joy, admiration and gratitude. They are a connotation of elegance and grace. Again, the intensity of colour matters. Light pink roses give a sense of innocence and sweetness. Dark pink roses have a more mature tone, conveying gratitude and appreciation.


  • White Roses: The colour of purity, chastity and innocence, white roses are closely affiliated with new beginnings. That is why they make excellent flowers for a first-time bride. White roses can also be used to express sympathy or humility.


Meaning behind the Numbers

If youve always been a little confused about the number of roses to give, look no further! Here at Gift Flowers Malaysia, our flowers are offered at specific numbers that always convey something sweet.

12 Roses give someone you are fond of 12 single roses to ask them to be yours.

24 Roses represent the 24 hours in a day. This gift is guaranteed to let that special someone know that they are always on your mind.

36 Roses this is a symbolic and sweet way to remind your partner of all the wonderful moments you have shared together.


How to get your Perfect Roses

It is very convenient to get your ideal roses from an online florist, who offers flower delivery Malaysia service. Simply browse through your mobile to choose the perfect flower gift! Gift Flowers Malaysia is delighted to be recognised on an industry list by Flower Delivery Reviews and we are more than happy to lend you a helping hand.


Here are 3 different styles of fresh rose gifts that would make fabulous gifts for that very special person.



Bouquets are a classic gift to present on a date and would look absolutely stunning in her arms. We love Rose Radiance, a sweet bouquet of the seasons best pink roses that is bound to put a smile on her face. Price: RM169.00 MYR - RM209.00 MYR


Flower Box

Bringing flowers as a surprise but want to keep them safe and well protected? Flower boxes are the way to go! This gift is not only clever and practical but looks gorgeous and is a thoughtful way to express your love. One of our favourites is Roses in Round Flower Box – Large where you can customise your desired flower colour and box colour. Price: RM199.00 MYR



If the recipient isn’t one to carry flowers around but would much rather have them as a décor, why not give them to her in a vase? Romantic Pink Roses with Vase is a beautiful mix of this season’s best pink roses, pink lace roses and eucalyptus that comes in a clear glass vase that will enliven any room or work area. Price: RM279.00 MYR

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