10 Fun and Creative Ways to Use Flowers

Posted on June 04 2020

Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion. There’s something special about how they smell and how they look that’s guaranteed to brighten up any room you put them in as well as the people in it. Not sure what gift to get your loved one? Why not try the bouquets listed below as well as others that we have in stock. They’re a great choice for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or any celebration of life’s precious moments.

  1. Romantic Red Roses Bouquet

 Red roses are symbolic of love and its beauty. This explains why they’re the most popular Valentine’s Day gift because there’s no better way to send such flowers and let people that you love them. This gorgeous bouquet is guaranteed to wow the recipient.

  1. Mixed Purple Roses Bouquet

A purple rose is a symbol of enchantment. This delightful bouquet would make the perfect gift for any occasion. We promise you that you’re going to love it.

  1. Seasonal Flowers in Round Flower Box

These seasonal flowers are not only colorful but they’re also rich and spirited. The part that you’ll love the most is how they are arranged in bold hues making them bring so much joy to the recipient.

What to do with flowers when they start to wilt

There are so many DIY flower projects that help you repurpose leftover flowers from your bouquet or wilting flowers at home. The flowers may be used to create personalized gifts,

In this part of this article, we’ll tell you what to make and how to make it. Here are ten fun uses of flowers as well as amazing flower arrangement ideas:

  1. Frame them

Framing the flowers is a great way to add a personal touch to your walls. The best thing about framing the flowers is that you get to have them for longer. Do you have a bouquet from someone special that you want to use creatively? Then why not frame them and turn your home into a botanical museum.

  1. Make a wreath

Making your own wreaths not only gets your creative juices running but also saves you lots of money since you no longer have to spend a fortune on holiday wreaths and centerpieces.

The wreaths will look great laying on a table or hanging on your walls, windows, and doors.

  1. Make a princess crown

Have you ever thought that it’s possible to make a princess crown using flowers? Well, it is!

Engage your daughter in this fun DIY project and together make a beautiful crown that is as dramatic or as subtle as she wants it to be.

  1. Make a floral bracelet

These bracelets are so gorgeous and perfectly pretty yet so easy to make. They can be worn all day without coming off. They may be worn for fun, to weddings, engagement parties, or baby showers.

  1. Hang them to form a pendant light fixture

Make an impression at your home with these floating flowers that surround your light bulb. This arrangement adds a pop of colors to the room and gives off a chic vintage vibe. Use your flowers in this manner to add a special touch to dull spaces and spruce them up.

  1. Add them to candles

Take your décor to a whole new level by adding the wilting flowers to candles.

Simply melt small candles and use the wax to stick flower petals onto un-melted candles. Place a layer of wax onto the candle and then press the flowers onto it. Repeat until you have formed several layers around the candle.

  1. Press the flowers

Pressed flowers are great for making bookmarks, greeting cards, invitations, art, etc. Using flowers for all these projects makes the presentation so attractive and memorable.

  1. Use them as air fresheners

Flowers, especially roses, have a beautiful scent that is retained for weeks on end.

Take a sock that you don’t use and fill it up with dried rose petals. Place the sock containing the petals anywhere around the house or in your car and enjoy the subtle scent.

  1. Use them to make a cleaning detergent

Take about half a cup of flowers and blend them together with baking soda. To this mixture, add a tablespoon of salt. Use this cleaner on your floors around the house.

  1. Make body scrubs & bath bombs

Lastly, you could use your bouquet of wilting flowers to make bath bombs and body scrubs. These are super simple and super fun to make.

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